Follow up on amendments to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006

Further information has been released regarding the amendments to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Act 2016).

Changes that will affect our clients include the following processing fees payable to Aboriginal Victoria:

Commencing the Project – An administration fee when lodging a Notice of Intent for a CHMP: currently $111.52 per CHMP

Background Research – Access to the Register for a CHMP: currently $223.04 per CHMP

Applying for approval – the proscribed evaluation fees charged in RAP areas now also apply in Non-RAP areas. These vary depending on the size and complexity of a project.

All fees are indexed and will change annually.

Another important change is the removal of the requirement to prepare a CHMP for the construction of three or more dwellings on, or the subdivision of, land that is less than 0.11 hectares and not located within 200m of the coastal waters of Victoria or the Murray River.

 If you need further information on these changes and how it will affect your project, please contact Andrew on 0411 217 404.

For those interested in reading a consolidated version of the legislation, you can view it HERE

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