Amendments to The Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006

As of today (August 1st 2016) amendments to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 come into effect.  These include a number of significant changes to the way that Aboriginal heritage is managed in Victoria.

Regulations have yet to be released; however the amended Act allows for:

  • Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Test – a new formal process to determine whether a CHMP is required, providing more certainty about whether a CHMP is required
  • Ability to make minor amendments to a CHMP less than 5 years old
  • A “Stop the Clock” mechanism during CHMP evaluation
  • Wider access to The Registry
  • New agreements for managing public land
  • New measures for managing Intangible Heritage and Ancestral Remains
  • Greater enforcement
  • Increased roles for Registered Aboriginal Parties and Traditional Owners

For more information see our leaflet (Changes to the Aboriginal Heritage Act from 01 August 2016) or contact Andrew at Triskel Heritage Consultants on 0411217404.

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